VELUX Electrical Accessories

You can upgrade your manually operated VELUX roof window and make it function like an electrically operated or solar powered VELUX INTEGRA® roof window by installing one of our motors.

VELUX INTEGRA control pad (KLR 200)

Daylight and fresh air at your fingertips.

Upgrade your VELUX solar blind or VELUX INTEGRA roof window manufactured after 2005 with this fully programmable touch screen control pad. The VELUX INTEGRA control pad KLR 200 can be used for all electrically and solar powered products based on io-homecontrol technology. It features a range of pre-designated settings that help you save energy and create a better indoor climate.

  • Pilnībā programmējama  vadības pults 
  • Skārienjutīgā vadības pults var tikt izmantota 20 m attālumā no loga
  • Pieskarieties ekrānam un izmantojiet intuitīvas vadības funkcijas

€ 251,99